Uiltje All Time Orange Legends

Uiltje All Time Orange Legends

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Uiltje All Time Orange Legends - American IPA / 5% vol / 44 cl.

Voetbalbier? Voetbalbier! Deze Oranje IPA is speciaal gebrouwen voor het EK 2021. De All Time Legends, 18 verschillende blikken om je team samen te stellen. 

"Forget the Red Devils and Red Fury. Forget Gli Azzurri and Les Bleus. Forget the Three Lions, the Tartan Terriers or even those fabulous Fins whose nickname Huuhkajat means Eagle Owls. No bro, this summer we’re orchestrating our own Oranje freak-out with plenty of orange IPA. Yeah, it’s really orange. Collect all 18 cans, assemble your perfect squad, talk trash, beat Die Mannschaft. You don’t taste Oranje, you feel it baby!"

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