Rotterdam beer

Like Feyenoord, beer and Rotterdam go hand in hand. In the past, Rotterdam was home to the Heineken brewery (built in 1873) and the Oranjeboom Brewery (1884-1989). However, small breweries have long been difficult to find in Rotterdam. After the closing of the Oranjeboom, there is not even a single brewery left in the city. This changed with the arrival of Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim in Delfshaven, which opened in 1996. For years they were the only brewery in Rotterdam, until the beer renaissance started about 15 years later. At that moment one brewery after another is opened, until we get to the current point. Rotterdam currently has several breweries. In alphabetical order these are: Brewpub Reijngoud Brouwerij Groos Brouwerij Noordt Brouwerij Quispel Brouwerij Tureluur De Blijdorper De Bebaarde Brouwer De Gele Kanarie Hoevebrugsch Jelster Bier Kaapse Brouwers ROTT.Brouwers Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim Stadshaven Brouwerij Trots Rotterdams Bier Vet & Lazy Some of these breweries are contract brewers. This means that they do not have their own (production) brewery, but they do develop the recipes themselves. Others have full breweries, and still others have their own brewery, but also brew elsewhere. View all Rotterdam beers in our range below.


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