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  • Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket BIPA

    Kinnegar Brewing Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket Black IPA

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    Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket - BIPA / 6.5% vol. / 44 cl. Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket is a Black IPA which is brewed with rye and roasted malts. He was also awarded gold at the World Beer Cup. Untappd .

    6 in stock


Black IPAs belong to a very interesting beer style. A good black IPA can be insanely complex and exciting, with every sip a sensation. Also known as Cascadian Dark Ale or American Black Ale, it is a relatively young beer style. Some say it was "invented" in the 1990s, others say it's a variation of a 2003 Rogue Ales IPA with dark malt added. Be that as it may, it is clear that it is a beer that is heavily hopped, brewed with dark malt. In terms of taste, she is therefore between a porter / stout and an IPA. You can imagine that some Black IPAs are more porter or stout, and others really more IPA, but the essence is that it has dark (think coffee, chocolate, caramel, bay leaf) and that it has fruity elements (citrus, tropical fruit, pine, mango, pineapple, etc). Brewers who know how to do this well are celebrated by enthusiasts.

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