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  • Hoevebrugsch Cascade Blond

    Hoevebrugsch Hoevebrugsch Cascade Blond

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    Hoevebrugsch Cascade Blonde - Belgian Blonde / 6.5% vol / 33 cl. The Hoevebrugsch Cascade Blond is a Belgian style Blond beer, but with an extra dose of Cascade hops. This brings out the hoppy character more. Untappd

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  • Jelster Bier Niks Geen Tralala Sterk Blond

    Jelster Bier Jelster Beer Nothing No Tralala Strong Blonde

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    Jelster Beer Nothing No Tralala - Strong Golden Ale / 9.6% vol / 33 cl. The Jester Bier Niks Geen Tralala is a strong Belgian Blonde beer, almost 10% vol, and from Rotterdam soil. Untappd

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  • Rock City Farmhouse Blond

    Hop-In Bierwinkel Rock City Farmhouse Blond

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    Rock City Farmhouse Blonde - Blonde / 5% vol / 33 cl. The Rock City Farmhouse Blond is a fresh and fruity blond beer, brewed with oats for a full mouthfeel. Untappd

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  • ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.Blontt

    ROTT.brouwers ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.Blontt

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    ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.blontt - American Blond / 5.5% vol / 33 cl. The ROTT.blontt is a wonderfully fresh blond beer, with an extra hoppy dimension. Untappd

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  • Brouwerij Noordt Blondt

    Brouwerij Noordt Brewery Noordt Blondt

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    Brouwerij Noordt Blondt - Belgian Blonde / 6% vol / 33 cl. The Brouwerij Noordt Blondt is a Rotterdam blond beer, brewed in the Belgian style. Brewed by Brouwerij Noordt from Rotterdam. Untappd

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  • Last stock! Kaapse Louise Blond Ale

    Kaapse Brouwers Cape Louise Blonde Ale

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    Cape Louise - Blonde Ale / 4.7% vol / 37.5 cl. The Cape Louise Blond Ale is a very fine Belgian style blond beer. She has a relatively low alcohol percentage, but she doesn't compromise on taste. Untappd

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  • POPHOP Boogie Blond

    Hop-In Bierwinkel POPHOP Boogie Blonde

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    POPHOP Boogie Blonde - Belgian Blonde / 6% vol / 33 cl. The POPHOP Boogie Blond is a swinging blond beer, brewed with coriander seed. Untappd

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  • Last stock! Vet & Lazy St. Guinefort Blond

    Vet & Lazy Bold & Lazy St. Guinefort Blonde

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    Bold & Lazy St. Guinefort Blonde

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  • Last stock! De Ryck Clement Blond

    De Ryck De Ryck Clement Blond

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    De Ryck Clement - Belgian Blonde / 5.2% vol / 33 cl. The De Ryck Clement Blond is a light blond beer, with a lot of spice and a hoppy aftertaste. Beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Untappd

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  • ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.vriend Blond

    ROTT.brouwers ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.friend Blond

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    ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.vriend - Belgian Blonde / 6.7% vol / 33 cl. The ROTT.Brouwers ROTT.vriend is a Belgian blond beer. Smooth, fresh, fruity and drinkable due to the addition of sweet orange peel and hops. In addition, it is slightly spicy, because coriander has been added. Untappd

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  • Brouwerij Kees It's a Blond

    Brouwerij Kees Brouwerij Kees It's a Blond

    Kees It's a Blond - Belgian Blonde / 6% vol / 33 cl. The Kees It's a Blond is a Belgian style blond beer from Dutch origin. Untappd


  • Klootzakske Hete Klinke Blond

    Klootzakske Klootzakske Hete Klinke Blond

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    Klootzakske Hete Klinke - Belgisch Blond / 6,9% vol / 33 cl. De Klootzakske Hete Klinke Blond is het 2e bier van de brouwerij, een toegankelijk en soepel Belgisch stijl blond bier.  Gebrouwen door Klootzakske bij Fort Lapin Brewery bij Brugge, Belgie.  Untappd

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Blond beer is a rather vague term. Many different types of beer are 'blonde' in color, for example the majority of the IPAs, many 'wild' and sour beers such as lambic and gueuze, pilsners, saisons, etc.

What is usually understood by blond beer is a light, golden beer of top fermentation, fermented with Belgian yeasts. They give a soft sweet, slightly fruity touch to the beer. Well-known brands are, for example, Brugsche Zot and Leffe Blond.

In addition to blond, you also have the beer type 'strong blond'. These are golden yellow beers with an alcohol percentage of around 8%. These are beers that are reminiscent of the famous Belgian Tripel, but they are a lot drier and more hoppy in taste. Think for example of the Duvel and La Chouffe.


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