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  • Lightship Choppy

    Lightship Cider Lightship Cider Choppy

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    Lightship Cider Choppy - Cider / 6.3% / 33 cl. The Lightship Cider Choppy is a nice, calm blend of cider and hops where the apples are also well present. The wonderful scent with citrus aromas mainly comes from the Cascade hop. The Columbus hop gives a nice bitter and fresh floral aroma. Untappd

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  • Lightship Cider

    Lightship Cider Lightship Cider Original

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    Lightship Cider Original - Cider / 5.3% / 33 cl. The Lightship Cider is named after the lightships and sailors who withstand fierce storms on the high seas. Lightship navigates you to this fresh Rotterdam cider. Untappd

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CiderCider is a cider importer and manufacturer located in Rotterdam west. Its own ciders come out under the Lightship label, and the popularity of these ciders is growing rapidly. In addition to the Original, they have recently also been making small batches with a more pronounced taste.

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