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  • Bierproeverij Modern Duits

    Hop-In Bierwinkel Beer tasting Modern German November 2

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    Beer tasting Modern German November 2 On Wednesday, November 6, we are organizing a beer tasting with the theme 'Modern German'. Historically speaking, we can say that Germany is the beer country par excellence. The Weizen and the lagers are known to almost all beer drinkers, and these are the most drunk beers among the more conservative beer drinkers. But a number of very good new breweries have also emerged in Germany in recent years, focusing on modern beer styles, such as the IPA and stout. We would like to offer you a taste of these modern beers from five German breweries. We have made a selection of 5 different IPAs, from a number of well-known and lesser-known breweries: Protokoll Brewery: rental brewery organized from the Protokoll Taproom in Berlin. Mainly specialized in New England and West Coast IPAs. FrauGruber: FrauGruber started as a Gipsy brewery, but the gentlemen were so successful that their own brewery was already established in 2020. Today they are among the top German breweries in the field of IPAs. Fuerst Wiacek: one of the top breweries in Germany when it comes to IPAs. " Georg Fuerst and Lukasz Wiacek burst into the Berlin craft beer scene in 2016 when they brewed Germany's first New England IPA. They are driven by a constant need to learn and refine their brewing processes and have done so in part by collaborating with several of the world's most respected craft beer breweries. The opening of their new brewing facility in Berlin Siemensstadt provides the pair with more opportunities for experimentation and innovation; Those who feel variety is the spice of life can expect to see more sour beers, stouts and forays into many other styles. All this while continuing to deliver the consistently sublime, juicy, hop-forward IPAs beer lovers have come to expect from FUERST WIACEK." (Untappd) Yankee & Kraut: collaboration of the friends Bryan France and Max Senner and started in 2016. Known for their colorful looks and the fact that the gentlemen specialize in IPAs (and everything hoppy). House of Superfreunde: brewery from Hamburg. Collaboration of 4 friends, who make no difference between beer and specialty beer, but only between good and bad beer. In terms of beer style, the gentlemen mainly brew IPAs, but they are also working on classic German beer styles, such as Pilsners and Alt Bier. The tasting takes place in our store located in Zwaanshals, number 484. It starts at 8:15 PM and will last approximately 1.5 hours. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@hop-in.nl, or by telephone during store hours 06 57698184.

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  • Yankee & Kraut The Daily Minimum Pale Ale

    Hop-In Bierwinkel Yankee & Kraut The Daily Minimum Pale Ale

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    Yankee & Kraut The Daily Minimum - New England Pale Ale / 5.5% vol / 44 cl. The Yankee & Kraut The Daily Minimum is a fruity one New England Pale Ale, DDH met Centennial Cryo and HBC 630 Cryo. Untappd

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  • Yankee & Kraut It Bites Back V.2 IPA

    Hop-In Bierwinkel Yankee & Kraut It Bites Back V.2 IPA

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    Yankee & Kraut It Bites Back V.2 - IPA / 6.9% vol / 44 cl. The Yankee & Kraut It Bites Back V.2 IPA is an American style West Coast IPA, with notes of fruit, resin and a bitter finish. Hopped with Cascade Cryo, Centennial Cryo and Citra Cryo. Untappd

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