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  • Last stock! The Kernel Biere de Saison Quince

    Hop-In Bierwinkel The Kernel Biere de Saison Quince

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    The Kernel Biere de Saison Quince - Saison / 4.4% vol / 33 cl. The Kernel Biere de Saison Quince is a saison brewed with the brewery's house yeast culture. She was then refermented in cask, together with whole British quinces. Untappd 3.93

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  • Last stock! The Kernel Biere de Saison Apple

    The Kernel The Kernel Biere de Saison Apple

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    The Kernel Biere de Saison Apple - Saison / 5.4% vol / 33 cl. The Kernel Biere de Saison Apple is a beer of mixed fermentation, where cider and crab apple are added to a fresh wort. It was then completely fermented and aged for 8 months in stainless steel tanks. Untappd 3.86

    3 in stock


The Kernel is a British brewery, based in London. Despite the classic style of the brewery, both in appearance and in the beers that are brewed, it is a relatively modern brewery, which only started in 2009. This also makes it one of the first 'craft breweries' in London. The brewing installation that was started with (6.5 hectoliters) was replaced in 2012 by a 32 hectoliter installation, and is now located in the center of London, about a 20-minute walk from the Tower of London. The majority of the production is sold in London alone, where the demand for the beer is very high. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that the beers are only offered sparingly, and you have to be quick to get them.

The Kernel Brewery is known for its mix of modern and classic. Think of porters and stouts based on recipes from the 19th century, but also classic English Pale Ales and IPAs, but with modern hop varieties. They also brew sour beers, mixed fermentation beers and lagers. One element always emerges in all beers: layering and subtlety. These are really beers for enthusiasts who are looking for a lot of depth and nuance. Brewing builds on previous batches, and so you can see that the beers are continuously being developed. Don't expect major differences between the batches, where you suddenly get a Triple Dry-hopped DIPA, but an almost more classic development, where the brewer spends years developing the perfect recipe. The Pale Ales and IPAs in particular are in a line, where the brewer plays with the hops, but does not suddenly fundamentally change the recipe.

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