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    Hop-In Bierwinkel Siren Time Hops Simcoe DIPA

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    Siren Time Hops Simcoe - DIPA / 8% vol / 44 cl. The Siren Time Hops Simcoe is part of the Time Hops series. This series of beers is based on modern classics: leading beers that have been well known to enthusiasts for years. The Time Hops Simcoe is inspired by one of the IPA classics, namely Pliny the Elder from Russian River brewing. Pliny the Elder was one of the first Double IPAs on the market, with Simcoe playing the leading role. The body is nice and crisp and clean, and the beer is strongly carbonated so that the aromas jump out of the glass. For more information, visit . Untappd 3.92

    2 in stock


Siren Craft Brew is a British brewery with a diverse and wide range. Sours, Pale Ales, IPAs, but also Stouts and Porters. They also have an exclusive line of Barrel Aged beers.

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