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    Marble Beers Strong Ale - Strong Ale / 9.2% vol / 66 cl. The Marble Beers Strong Ale is a collab with Varvar from Ukraine, and reflects the mutual love the brewers have for the Old Ales, Burton Ales and Barley Wine. The beer has a complex malt base, is fermented with the house yeast and subtly hopped. Untappd 4.10

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Marble Beers is a small brewery from Manchester, founded in 1997. It started as a brewpub, but as the beer became more and more popular, it moved in 2009, and then again in 2019. The brewery currently has a capacity of 25 hL .

The beer styles that are brewed vary considerably. Classic English styles, but also modern IPAs with a huge hop focus, thick stouts, barrel aged barley wines and more.

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