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  • De Zoetermeerse Brouwerij ROEM Blond

    De Zoetermeerse Brouwerij The Zoetermeer Brewery ROEM Blonde

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    The Zoetermeerse Brouwerij ROEM Blonde - Belgian Blonde / 6% vol / 33 cl. The Zoetermeerse Brouwerij ROEM Blond is a classic style Belgian Blond beer, but brewed in Zoetermeer. Untappd

    7 in stock


ROEM is the new brand of De Zoetermeerse Brouwerij. This new brewery, located in Zoetermeer, was set up by Loek Eerhart and Viresh Bachoe. In 2016 they started as rental brewers with the LVR brand. After the regular brewing location, the Jovius brewery, closed its doors, the gentlemen decided to take the brewing process completely into their own hands. This is how the Zoetermeerse Brewery was created.

With its own brewery, it was also decided to let go of the LVR brand and to set up the new ROEM brand. ROEM presents a number of classic beer styles in its own way.

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