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  • Brasserie L'Apaissee Coetus XII

    Brasserie l'Apaisee Brasserie l'Apaisée Coetus XII Sour Wild Ale

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    Brasserie L'Apaissee Coetus XII - Sour Wild / 7% vol / 75 cl. The Brasserie L'Apaissee Coetus XII is a special beer. It is a blend of the best barrels, between 1.5 and 4 years old. Partially fermented Project X, collecting microbes from the stomachs of wasps. A round and complex beer, with virtually no residual sugars! Untappd 4.19

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  • Last stock! Brasserie L'Apaissee Juicebox

    Brasserie l'Apaisee Brasserie l'Apaisée Juicebox Wild Ale

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    Brasserie L'Apaissee Juicebox - Sour Wild / 6.5% vol / 75 cl. The Brasserie L'Apaissee Juicebox is a blend of mixed fermentation beers, after which it is macerated with Isabella grapes (from the brewer's garden), Demeter nectarines from Drôme, Luizet Apricots from Valais and passion fruit purée. Untappd 4.27

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  • Last stock! L'Apaissee Mademoiselle Cassis

    Brasserie l'Apaisee Brasserie l'Apaisée Mademoiselle Cassis Sour Wild Ale

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    L'Apaissee Mademoiselle Cassis - Fruited Sour / 8.7% vol / 33 cl. The L'Apaissee Mademoiselle Cassis is a blend of barrel aged beers, brewed with black currants. Only 24 bottles have come to the Netherlands, so be quick! Untappd 4.41

    3 in stock


Brasserie l'Apaisée is a microbrewery located in Geneva , Switzerland. She is the project of Xavier Righetti, who started his own brewery because he could find few beers in Switzerland in the style he likes: dry and hoppy. The brewery has gradually grown from the kitchen to a 300 liter installation, to a 1000 liter brewing kettle, 7 fermentation tanks of 2500 liters and space for 100 wooden barrels!

There is a very diverse brewery! Wild, sour beers, but also modern IPAs, saison and stouts, bottled and canned.

View all the beers we have in our range from Brasserie l'Apaisée below.


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