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Brouwerij Boon was founded in 1975 by Frank Boon, at a time when the popularity of Geuze beers was declining considerably. He has persevered all these years, during which the attention for the brewery, and for the Gueuze beers, has slowly increased. Today, the brewery has been taken over by his son, and the beers are as popular as ever. Boon Gueuze beers are characterized by their traditional and pure taste. Both the beers from the basic line and the beers from the higher segment are brewed pure. That means no artificial sweeteners added during the brewing process, and this is evident in the taste of the beers. For several years they have been experimenting with the single foeder beers, which are released under the term 'monoblend'. The monoblends consist of 90% beer from 1 barrel, mixed with young lambic, so that it has enough sugars to refer and develop.

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