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    Oud Beersel Wild Dry Cider Lambic Whiskey Barrels - Cider Dry / 7.5% vol / 75 cl. The Oud Beersel Wild Dry Cider Lambic Whiskey Barrels is a dry cider that is aged in Port Wood Whiskey barrels, which previously contained lambic. Since 2022, Oud Beersel has been working with Vitalii Karvyha, the former Berryland cider producer of Ukraine. He had to flee the war after the cidery was destroyed by bombing. Together they now produce ciders that age in Oud Beersel casks, with the proceeds going to Vitalii to set up a new cidery. The cider is made from McIntosh, Cortland and wild apples from a 50 year old orchard. The apple juice is fermented naturally and is bottled at Oud Beersel, without pasteurization or the addition of sulphite. The result is a dry cider in which almost no residual sugar is present. Untappd

    1 in stock


Berryland Cidery is a Ukrainian cider maker, which had its production in Kiev. Unfortunately, the production location was completely destroyed during the war, and the result is that Berryland effectively no longer exists.

Berryland Cidery was special in the sense that he made the ciders in the manner of natural wine, that is, with his own wild yeast, and without additives.

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